Technical characteristics

Celebr’age Getto

Well-aging – Pro-aging

Raw material
Getto leaves

COSMOS certified

Well-aging active ingredient inspired from Asian longevity secrets

The characterized Getto leaf extract from OKINAWA Island longevity secrets

Getto leave is the key ingredient of our well-aging active Evolu'age

We were inspired by the blue zones. These micro-regions recognized by scientists because of the unusually high proportion of individuals with exceptional healthy longevity. We collaborated with Michel Poulain, the expert in demographic studies, to investigate the Okinawan blue zone and discover one of its longevity secrets.

The “Traditional Okinawan Diet”, rich in plants, is often mentioned in order to explain the healthy longevity of the Okinawan population. This traditional diet includes the consumption of certain local plants. After our ethnobotanical investigations on the Japanese island, our team returned with one such plant: Getto.

Obtained from organic Getto leaf extraction, Seqens Cosmetics created Celebr’age™Getto. This well-ageing active ingredient, inspired from an exceptional longevity source, enhances the beauty and the health of aging skin.

Celebr’age properties

  • Well-aging enhancer
  • Cell connection booster
  • Skin complexion perfector