Technical characteristics


Full name: 9-Anthracene Carboxylic Acid

CAS: 723-62-6

Empirical Formula: C15H10O2

Appearance: Yellow Powder

What is 9-ACA?

9-Anthracene Carboxylic Acid (9-ACA) is a carboxylic acid derivative of Anthracene.


9-Anthracene Carboxylic Acid (9-ACA) is an Anthracene derivative that ca be used as precursors for multiple organic reactions. It is also known to be used in the microelectronic business as an Anti-Reflective Coating element.

SEQENS offers 3 different grades of 9-ACA to suit our client’s needs for different applications :

  • The technical grade 9-ACA
  • The 9-ACA purified (total metals < 100 ppb)
  • The 9-ACA LM (total metals < 10 ppb),