Performance products

Novacap is a leading producer of sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate/nabions™ and distributes sodium sulfate.

We deliver our products to the most demanding markets such as dialysis, food, hold the necessary certifications and comply with the highest quality standards. We put customer satisfaction at the heart of our commitments.

Our high quality Sodium Bicarbonate, safe, non-toxic and environmental-friendly material,  is the key ingredient for pharmaceutical market (dialysis, effervescent tablets and anti-acid drugs), for food, home care and environmental (treatment of acid emissions) markets. Our Sodium Bicarbonate is alsp use in many natural cosmetic’s products, such as bath effervescent bombs, exfoliating cream, Innovative cosmetic products (shampoo, health, deodorant) and new applications to discover.

Our production sites


La Madeleine

  • The century site of La Madeleine, located in Nancy, (France) produces Sodium Bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. The site has developed state-of-the-art facilities such as the Bianca and Bianca + units, which enable us to offer quality and product purity to the requirements of our customers.  The site of “La Madeleine”  is a longstanding one, at the ripe old age of 161 years. Its most historical dates include:
    • 1855, first run of salt production;
    • 1884, first ton of carbonate output;
    • 1884, first ton of bicarbonate output;

Nogent l’Artaud

  • The site of Nogent l’Artaud produces sodium silicate, a product derived from sodium carbonate obtained by the fusion of sand and sodium carbonate at high temperature in a furnace. Its main markets are precipitated silica (green tires), soil consolidation, adhesives, paper de-inking, mineral paints and detergents.
    Nabion is a sodium carbonate / sodium silicates cogranule which acts as a sequestering agent (capturing magnesium and calcium) used in the formulation of powders or tablets for washing machines and dishwashers, replacing products that are near end-of-life such as phosphates and zeolites.
  • Using the sodium carbonate dense and light supplied by Novacarb, Novabion manufactures three commercial grades, with a total capacity of 30,000 tons per year:
    • glassy silicate,
    • liquid silicate,
    • granulated silicates; including the Nabion15™ et le Nabion26™


Novabay is a production site located in Singapore that produces high-quality sodium bicarbonate.
Based on the Bianca technology successfully developed by Novacap in France, this state-of the-art facility produces high-quality sodium bicarbonate grades to serve the growing Asian demand in pharmaceutical and healthcare, dialysis, personal care, food and other industrial applications.

  • Novabay has a yearly production capacity of 70,000 metric tons, with a potential debottlenecking up to 120,000 metric tons.
  • Located in Jurong Island, the facility benefit from synergies with local partners in terms of infrastructure and services on the chemical platform.