PCI Synthesis

Located in Boston’s booming biotech and pharmaceutical hub, PCI Synthesis offers its customers a wide range of services, including process research and early stage development as well as commercial production of new chemical entities (NCEs), generic APIs and other specialty chemical products.

The company operates a R&D facility in Devens, MA, and a manufacturing facility in Newburyport, MA, and generates a turnover of $32 million. Leveraging its wide business offering and technologies, proximity to customers, reactivity and undisputed project management skills, PCI Synthesis has achieved tremendous growth over the last years, most recently closing its fifth consecutive year-to-year of double-digit growth. This has been driven by more than forty new customers and an expansion into new offerings such as GMP manufacturing for nutraceuticals and pharma foods, large-scale cryogenic manufacturing, large-scale chromatography, controlled substance development, and medical-grade polymers. The company is North America’s most awarded drug substance manufacturer and has become a strategic partner for the U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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