Seqens is driven by shared values and behaviors

Promote initiatives to generate new ideas and opportunities and to push the organization forward. Act and be part of  the company’s success.

Ensure a positive atmosphere that encourages teamwork, mutual assistance as well as employees’ fulfillment. Promote collective objectives and successes rather than individual interests.

Provide best-in-class goods and services to create trusting and sustainable relationships.

Keep resolute and consistent despite hurdles in order to meet the objectives. Overcome challenges as a team.

Foster rapid decisionmaking and adaptability to changing environment.

Driven by true entrepreneurial spirit, our success at Seqens is built on our culture of excellence that aims to provide our customers with the best product performance.

Moreover, respect and care for individuals and nature define our identity. The company always aims to provide collaborators with working conditions that are conducive to their professional development and accomplishing their goals. Attentive to the locations where we are based, Seqens is committed to local development that cares for communities and the environment.

Finally, Seqens and all of our affiliates are committed to complying with the laws and regulations (especially anti-corruption laws) that govern our activities around the world by following a strict line of conduct. Seqens aims to ensure that all persons involved in Seqens’ business relations (employees, suppliers and customers), and in particular those who are hired or act in our name, commit to complying with the legal provisions and rules defined by the Company’s Code of Conduct while conducting their activities.

seqens values