Our sites

Novacap is a world leader in pharmaceutical synthesis, capable of providing development and production services at all stages of the active ingredient’s life cycle, from the initial clinical stages to the generic stage, in total compliance with the strictest quality, safety and environmental standards.


Our 6 FDA approved cGMP sites

Lahr (cGMP):

  • cGMP facility with an attractive and diversified technology portfolio: (e.g. hydrogenation, high pressure reaction, Grignard, cryogenic, etc.)

Aramon (cGMP)

  • dedicated to multistep-synthesis with large scale commercial cGMP manufacturing & pharma polymers facility

Villeneuve-la-Garenne (cGMP):

  • Small & medium scale API facility with  multi-tons Potent API capabilities ( OEL 30ng/m3   –  10µg/m3  )

Limay (cGMP):

  • Launching unit for complex multi-steps chemistry

Turku (cGMP):

  • Commercial manufacturing with capabilities for multi-tons injectable APIs

Newburryport (cGMP) :

  • API manufacturing

Our ISO sites

Couterne (ISO)

  • Dedicated to regulated stating materials

Bourgoin-Jaillieu (ISO)

  • Dedicated to regulated stating materials