Key technologies

The standard reactions are listed under Performed Reactions. In particular, through several decades of experience, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge for the following highly specific reaction types.


High Pressure Reaction

We perform reactions up to a pressure of 100 bar in a 1,000 l reactor and up to 250 °C. This includes Hydrogenation, hydro amination, carbonylation as well as Diels-Alder-Reactions.


We use different types of catalysts Raney-Nickel, as well as precious metal catalysts, mainly in a heterogeneous system. Homogeneous catalysis can be carried out as well. We can reach a pressure of 100 bar with a temperature range up to 250 °C. Reaction volumes are 1,000 l (100 bar) up to 3,000 l (25 bar).

Grignard Reaction

We are producing Grignard reagents starting from the organic halide and magnesium metal. As an advantage, we are not limited to the few commercially available reagents, hence we are very flexible in carrying out a variety of Grignard reactions. Over decades we have acquired the technical Know-How to carry out this reaction successfully, safely and efficiently.

Low temperature technology

Our cryogenic technology allows carrying out reactions down to -90 °C in a 2,500 L scale. This will include up-scaling from the laboratory scale (up to 5 L) via pilot scale (100 L) to full production. As an example, we do metallation reactions with organo metallic compounds, such as Butyllithium, or Lithiumdiisopropylamide (LDA)…