Interview of Brian TARBIT, global Technical & Business Development manager at Chemoxy Int.

Chemoxy International Ltd joined the Novacap group in late 2017. Chemoxy is celebrating its 150th year anniversary at its main site in the UK.

The company is a leader custom manufacture and speciality ingredients, often based on its expertise in combined reaction/distillation. Over the years, Chemoxy has developed a growing portfolio of low toxicity proprietary products and environmentally friendly solvents. Its two flexible manufacturing sites in Middlesbrough and Billingham serve a diverse range of industries, including personal care, flavour and fragrance, surface coatings, lubricant additives, agrochemical and a variety of other markets.


Chemoxy is recognized for its excellent reputation and technical strength, coupled to an outstanding EH&S performance and a long demonstrable history of customer focus, flexibility and responsiveness. One of Chemoxy’s key platforms is distillation – 9 Distillation columns are available – with a maximum of 50th plates and up to 1.5M diameters, with heating up to 240°C with full ancillaries. This asset base was recently coupled to a new platform of peroxide oxidation to support the Novacap growth in Personal Care markets, and supported the launch of the “diols”, for which we have been recently awarded the trophy for innovation by Novacap.

With a recently established market position (since its launch in 2017), Chemoxycare®8 (Caprylylglycol or 1,2-Octanediol), has demonstrated the ability for Chemoxy to provide high quality odourless product to the market. This compound is one of the most popular diols used in Personal Care and exhibits a synergistic antibacterial effect in formulations. Chemoxycare®8 is being supported by the addition of other diols such as Chemoxycare®2EHG (2-ethylhexylglycerin) launched in mid-2018 and will be followed by other products in the newly established Personal Care range coming out in 2019. All these products are used as emollients and skin conditioning agent for cosmetic applications, especially in creams and ointment, and are preferred replacements of parabens imparting synergistic antimicrobial properties in cosmetics.

Chemoxy is already working with other companies within Novacap to either supplement their production utilising its scale and sophisticated distillation plants, or to utilise technology that exists within the group to make new own products for Novacap. For instance, Proteus enzymatic technology, another asset of Novacap group, has attracted our attention. Indeed the use of enzymes has potential in several of Chemoxy’s new products in the key step of the synthetic route.

We are also delighted to announce that the French Research Ministry has recently granted us with Crédit Impôt Recherche agreement. All Chemoxy’s French customers that needs some R&D work to be performed can now benefit from it as long as their projects are eligible