Harmonic Pharma

Harmonic Pharma’s core business is based on the new paradigm of polypharmacology that consists in identifying the ensemble of biological targets linked to safe compounds in order to investigate their novel therapeutic applications. As an example, HPH112, developed in collaboration with the Institut Curie in Paris, is a promising drug candidate in combination with recent oncology treatments. In addition, the company offers its Pharmacological Rediscovery© platform to its partners/clients in health applications.


NOVACAP has developed a strong partnership with Harmonic Pharma, a company that offers its unique Pharmacological Rediscovery© platform in health applications, an approach based on life cycle management of clinical drug candidates and supported by a proprietary in silico/in vitro/in vivo repositioning methodology.

This innovative technology can help to:

  • perform polypharmacology-based drug profiling of active ingredients in order to identify novel biological targets, novel mechanism of action, and novel indication
  • circumvent toxicity issue by identifying similar safe compounds to client’s molecules
  • accelerate pre-clinical investigation in the newly identified indication while advancing drug candidates
  • generate intellectual property through comprehensive investigation of known compounds or clinical drug candidate.


Novacap supports Harmonic Pharma an innovative company specialized in Polypharmacology.