Supervisory board

With 12 members, the Supervisory board is responsible for supervising and controlling the activity of the management board and the CEO. The Supervisory Board has implemented 3 specific committees.

Marc Frappier

Eurazeo - President

Supervisory board


Edouard Guigou



Sophie Flak


Nicolas Huet


Amina Lamloum


Wilfried Piskula


Frédéric Collard


Daniel Cardoso

Independent member


Gilles Aufret

Independent member

Thierry Chignon

Mérieux Development

margalit fine seqens

Margalit Fine

Independent member

3 committees for a greater ability to act

  • The Audit committee helps board members fulfil their responsibilities in terms of producing and controlling financial information, risk management and external audits.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility committee provides expertise and recommendations on Novacap CSR strategy and actions.
  • The Human Resources committee is responsible for assisting board members and advising them on the appointment and remuneration of Novacap’s key managers.

Executive committee

The Executive Committee comprises 9 members and is chaired by Pierre Luzeau. Its mission is to steer the strategic roadmap defined with the Supervisory Board to meet the group’s improvement and development objectives.


Pierre Luzeau

Seqens - Chief Executive Officer

Executive committee

Jean-Louis Martin

Seqens - VP HR & Industrial

Vincent Milhau

Seqens - Chief Financial Officer

Marc De Roquefeuil

Seqens - VP Business Service

Laurent Castor

Seqens - Vice President

Vanessa Michoud

Seqens - General Counsel


Frédéric Desdouits

Seqens - PCAS CEO & CDMO BU General Manager

Raymond Sinnah

Seqens - VP Mineral Specialties ExCo supervisor Asia

Gildas Barreyre

Seqens - ExCo General Secretary

Executive committee's missions

  • Developing and protecting Seqens’ strategy, values and assets: its missions include formulating and implementing the group’s strategic vision and objectives. The ExCo also steers the group’s business portfolio and is responsible for fulfilling the group’s objectives of creating value.

  • Managing performance: within his/her scope, each ExCo member manages the performance of business units or function leaders, allocating group-wide resources and governing the group’s activities.