Functional care

Novacap offers a full range of FUNCTIONAL ingredients, with the highest quality and environmental standards, together with a very rich line of BOTANICAL active ingredients.



FUNCTIONAL CARE comprises two lines


  • ESSENTIALS: salicylic acid (Novacap is worldwide leader), Methyl salicylate, sodium bicarbonate, with grades ranging from technical to pharmaceutical. See novacyl – see Novacylsee Novacarb
  • CLASSICALS: a wide array of diols, esters, emollients, lubricants, solvents and anti-microbials, with the highest standards of purity and organoleptic properties. see Chemoxy

Latest launches


    • ChemoxyCare®8: Ultrapure Caprylyl glycol (1,2-Octanediol). This diol shows excellent humectant and emollient properties, and helps preservation of formulas (anti-microbial versus Gram +/Gram -/Yeasts/Molds). In formulation, ChemoxyCare®8 has no pH restrictions and its structure helps reduce surface tension.
    • ChemoxyCare®2EHG: Ultrapure, odorless 2-Ethylhexylglycerin. This diol shows excellent conditioning and deodorizing properties, and helps preservation of formulas.

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