EURAZEO invests in Novacap

Novacap is pleased to announce that Eurazeo, the listed investment company, has signed an agreement to invest in the Novacap group and will become the majority shareholder alongside Mérieux Développement, Ardian and the management.

Subject to the completion of the acquisition, the current floating rate notes (‘FRN’) will be refinanced with a loan. The common goal is to accelerate the group’s growth by bolstering its position in five target markets, which combine both resilience and high growth, and by continuing to develop additional products for its current portfolio, particularly high added-value specialty products such as APIs, sodium bicarbonate or oxygenated solvents.

To achieve this, Novacap will draw on its ability to innovate and an external growth policy based on partnerships and targeted acquisitions, mainly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. This will also help to boostits internationalcoverage,both industriallyand commercially.

“We are delighted to be able to support Novacap in the next phase of its development. Its know-how, ability to innovate and technological excellence will provide Novacap, which is already world no. 1 in most of its sectors, with substantial growth potential in very buoyant and resilient end-markets such as the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries that benefit from long-term trends (population ageing, development of the middle classes in emerging countries). This is what we are looking for in our investments. Our partnership with Mérieux Développement, combined with our international network, particularly in the United States and China where Novacap is present, will enable us to accompany the group in the future stagesof its transformationinto a global life sciences leader.”
Virginie Morgon, deputy CEO of Eurazeo