Custom solutions

We provide solutions to meet the extremely demanding requirements of industries operating in sectors like the environment, industrial processes, personal well-being, flavors and fragrances, microelectronics, energy, and special polymers

We own 5 Multi-purpose plants for Fine Specialties Chemicals, Intermediates synthesis, and solvents recovery, in which we undertake our toll manufacturing services and manufactured chemical products.

Our custom processing sites

  • Middlesbrough (7 distillation columns, 6 reaction vessels) & Billingham (2 columns, 3 vessels)
  • Couterne: dedicated to production of intermediates
  • Bourgoin-Jaillieu: polyvalent plant for large-scale production
  • Saint-Jean de Richelieu

Electronic polymers & chemicals

  • Novacap has been supplying the electronic industry for many years, with a historical specialization on materials used in photolithography for the manufacture of silicon wafers, and a more recent focus on organic electronics (OPV, OLED, O-FET).

Fine chemicals

  • Fine Chemicals : more than 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing complex molecules & specialty polymers for many industries, such as Cosmetics, Aerospace & Defense, Batteries, Ink & Coatings… 

Special Lubricants

  • Special Lubricants : custom manufacturing of formulated lubricants requiring a high level of quality assurance, such as food grade lubricants, and/or special components for lubricants requiring a fine chemical expertise.