Novacap has built a wide, comprehensive and cutting edge offer for the cosmetic market sourced in pharmaceutics and fine chemistry know-hows. Already established as the worldwide leader for salicylic acid thanks to the pharmaceutical grade, Novacap has a strong penetration of the cosmetic market, as salicylic acid is widely used in anti-aging and hair care products.

Novacap has dramatically broaden its product portfolio, both in the functional care and active ingredients, with a special focus on fine chemistry, botanicals and biotechnologies. Further than portfolio products, Novacap offers best in class services in the field of botanical, biotech ingredients and fine chemistry, with the highest quality standards coupled with flexibility and agility. Novacap DNA is in perfect line with the cosmetic market actual and future drivers, such as sustainable development, excellence in product manufacturing, analytics, safety and regulatory, and  digital.

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