Seqens is a specialist of calcium sulfonate custom greases. With our unique and flexible synthesis route, we provide innovative solutions to our customers to make them stand out in the market.

Overbased calcium sulfonates to design high-performance custom greases

Extend your offer with unique high tech greases

Seqens calcium sulfonate greases stand out from conventional greases with their standout compositions and their high performances in extreme conditions. Our unique production process is a key advantage for customizing greases with very specific and advanced features. We offer you the possibility to choose the best-fitted carrier, should it be a mineral, vegetable, or synthetic base oil.

The KELICO® products make you benefit from overbased calcium sulfonate properties to design high-performance custom greases. Our latest development – KELICO® BG – opens the door to biodegradable calcium sulfonate greases.

Benefit from our expertise with our R&D support services and our flexible production facilities

Seqens successfully addresses the challenges faced by industry, relying on a dedicated R&D team and a performance testing laboratory. We have developed a solid ability to undertake and effectively carry out custom developments from kilo-lab to industrial scale, through a close collaborations between customers and Seqens sales, R&D and production teams.

Our customers rely on our long-standing expertise, our reactivity and our flexibility to ensure shortened length of development and industrialization projects.

As a global player, Seqens has implemented the appropriate organization to fully comply with worldwide regulations in the field of chemical safety, transportation and customs.

Our locations

Address PCAS, ZI de Limay 2, 8 Rue de Rouen
78440 Porcheville
Phone +33 1 34 79 57 00
Market Pharmaceutical, Specialty Ingredients & Cosmetics
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Surface: 40, 000 m²

Lab surface: 2, 000 m²


  • 4 kilo-labs
  • 2 cGMP pilot plants with 11 multipurpose reactors from 100 L to 2, 800 L (total capacity of 12 m³)
  • Temperature range: -15/+150°C  (hastelloy reactor: -80/+200°C)
  • 3 finishing rooms (agitated filter dryers, filters, dryers, milling and sieving equipments)

Flagship technologies:

  • Crystallization expertise and technologiesd(salt, co-crystal and polymorph screenings, process development)
  • Process Safety expertise and tecnologies
  • Flow chemistry for fine chemicals
  • Potent API process development
  • Genotoxic Impurities
  • Issue Management
  • Generic A.P.I Solid state expertise

Last inspection: ANSM  October 2018

Certification: GMP

Number of scientists: 110

Other: Ecosystem Pharma with integrated services

Address PCAS, Route de Lassay
61410 Couterne
Business Line Lubbricant Additives, Fine Chemicals
Phone +33 2 33 37 50 20
Market Specialty Ingredients
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Surface: 120, 000 m²


Capabilities: 190 m³ of ISO 9001 reactors and kilo-lab

Flagship technologies: Most standard organic synthesis reactions (large volumes)


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