Seqens has longstanding experience in up-scaling and custom manufacturing of fine chemicals for various industries. We offer our expertise, industrial know-how and flexible facilities to expand your production capabilities, should it be occasional or on the longer term.

R&D and custom manufacturing expertise for the development of fine chemicals

Widen your capabilities with our industrial equipment

Seqens is a European reference in industrialization of high value added custom materials, granting flexibility and reliability to its customers. We help you from the early stage of upscaling development, acting as an external support to bring your products from laboratory to factory. Offering multi-step synthesis, process optimization and cost reduction advice, we also have strong assets to integrate your supply chain as an outsourcer in the case of “make or buy” decisions.

Seqens highly flexible technological platform adapts to your requirements and meets your needs, no matter how varied. We count on our extensive toolbox of chemistries and processes to provide you with the best tailor-made solutions, committing to high quality standards.

Overcome your chemical challenges with our R&D expertise

Seqens teams closely collaborate with customers so as to understand their requirements and major hurdles all along the projects. Thanks to seasoned scientists and state-of-the-art lab equipment located in our global R&D centers, we are able to support customer innovation within contract research projects. In France, working with us enables you to get a Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) tax refund.

We have formed partnerships with leading companies in many industrial sectors including cosmetics, defense & aerospace, energy storage, fluid processing, paint & ink, plastic & rubber, and water treatment.

Optimize your time to market with our custom chemistry process

Seqens offers the possibility to start your collaboration from the stage you need: R&D study, scale-up or industrialization. We work in complete confidentiality on the processes you own. We are also able to develop or optimize a specific process thanks to our R&D teams and pilots.

Seqens bets on long-term relationship through supply agreements, while offering occasional manufacturing services when needed. Committed to success of customers’ projects and equipment upgrade, we invest in new industrial and R&D equipment each year.

Our locations

Address PCAS, Route de Lassay
61410 Couterne
Business Line Lubbricant Additives, Fine Chemicals
Phone +33 2 33 37 50 20
Market Specialty Ingredients
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Surface: 120, 000 m²


Capabilities: 190 m³ of ISO 9001 reactors and kilo-lab

Flagship technologies: Most standard organic synthesis reactions (large volumes)


Address PCAS, 725 rue Trotter
QC J3B8J8 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Business Line Electronics
Phone +1 450 348 09 01
Market Specialty Ingredients
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Surface: 15, 500 m²

Lab surface: 200 m²

Flagship technologies: 

  • Monomers and polymers Heterocycles
  • Polyphenol and azo dyes (with a low metal content)
  • Photo-active compounds (PAC) / photo-active generators (PAG)
  • Cyanine-based dyes
  • NOVOLAK and phenolic resins
  • Silicon chemistry (polysiloxane)
  • Anthracene derivatives (microelectronic grade)

Last inspections: ISO 9001 February 2019


Number of scientists: 8