Our partner GenEvolutioN is an expert spin off, dedicated to in vitro genetic toxicology and toxicology expertise using new Human cell models. GenEvolutioN is in line with the evolution of biological and technological progress.

GenEvolutioN is a genetic toxicology platform with different approaches and innovative techniques contributing in improving patients care to reduce the risk of exposure to genotoxic agents, as well as in developing personalized medical treatment. GenEvolutioN is also dedicated to performing standard genetic toxicology studies according to OECD guidelines.

GenEvolutionN is GLP certified by ANSM and its team with 25 years-experience provides state of the art analysis and interpretation of results. 

GenEvolutioN offers comprehensive in-vitro tox testing including :

1. Genetic toxicity

  • Combination of telomere-centromere measurement with chromosome aberration test (OECD 473).
  • Identification of micronucleus components when combined to in vitro micronucleus assay (OECD 487)

2. Cytogenetics

  • In vitro micronucleus (OECD 487) on TK6 or human blood
  • Chromosome aberration test (OECD 473) on human blood
  • Ames Test (OECD 471) on Salmonella typhimurium and/or E. Coli: 5 strains, +/- metabolic activation
  • Mouse lymphoma assay (OECD 490) on L5178Y(TK locus) cell line

3. Toxicology

  • In vitro Skin Irritation assay (OECD 439) on reconstructed Human Epidermis model
  • In vitro Skin Corrosion assay (OECD 431) on reconstructed Human Epidermis model
  • In vitro 3T3 NRU phototoxicity test (OCDE 432)
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) assay (JaCVAM protocol, Sept 20th 2013) to replace LLNA (in vivo method).
  • Embryonic Stem cell Test (EST) in Mouse D3 stem cell/3T3 fibroblasts (ECVAM protocol)
  • Cytotoxicity test on 3T3 fibroblasts

GenEvolutioN offers also new in vitro pathologic models and healthy model with stem cells (Blood cells, cardiac cells etc ) together with its partners including stem cell characterization (cytogenomics techniques and cellular engineering) and genomic instability. GenEvolutioN also provides Scientific advisory and consulting.