Designing the most cost-efficient routes of synthesis is a primary consideration at Seqens. Catalysis is widely used to accelerate reactions, optimize yield and selectivity, and consequently reduce needs for downstream purification.

a wide diversity of catalytic systems

Seqens masters a wide diversity of catalytic systems, each characterized by their specific capabilities and application fields, and keep on investigating new solutions together with expert academic teams. This includes :

  • Multiple industrial Metal and Organo-catalysis scale-ups
  • Strong know-how and industrial experience in biocatalysis
  • Valorization of innovative photoredox catalysis potential

Furthermore, Seqens leverages the respective benefits of each catalytic technology to identify synergistic potential, and design optimal combinations which open ways for significant process shortcuts, novel chemical routes, and IP generation.

Whether applied in one-pot  or in multi-steps cascade reactions, such multi-catalysis approaches target greater efficiency and competitiveness.