Our partner Harmonic Pharma has developed computational solutions that combine predictive toxicology, mechanism of action investigation, and data modeling of small molecules.

Many compounds currently in development will never make it to market because of toxicity issues related to regulatory tightening. Using computational tools to drive development decision-making can help increase probability to move compound to the next phase of development. Thanks to its technology – Compound Toxicity Profile (CTP) and Rediscovery Platfom®, Harmonic Pharma support its customers by generating important insights during the R&D stage and focusing on the most promising compounds to be further investigated. Implementing the predictive tools in product development process is a profitable solution to optimize time, cost and reduce risk to reach the market.

1. Compound toxicity profiling

Compound Toxicity Profile  (CTP) is part of the toxicological investigation service and consists of statistical toxicity models that generate profiles for chemicals and subsequent toxicity alerts in diverse areas:

  • Neurotoxicity
  • Reprotoxicity
  • Carcinogenicity
  • Mutagenicity
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Persistent-Bioaccumulative Toxicity (PBT)
  • Skin sensitization
  • Inhalation sensitization

Harmonic Pharma addresses the needs of clients, by providing a rationale to support decision-making processes:

  • Generate toxicity alerts : statistical QSAR models are trained to recognize compounds with a toxicity issue based on structural descriptors
  • Prioritize the most promising compounds at an early stage by discarding chemicals with toxicity bottlenecks
  • Substitute compounds for more compliant ones : models can also be  used to select a safer compound in a more advanced development stage

2. Compound polypharmacology profiling

Over the years, the Rediscovery Platform® has evolved continuously to address the needs of clients in a variety of applications including:

  • Drug repurposing : platform is suitable for providing a biological rationale for new therapeutic applications of drugs and/or drug candidates
  • Target(s) identification and validation : platform enables the profiling of a chemical with the ensemble of associated targets (poly-pharmacology profile) to identify and validate novel targets
  • Target deconvolution following phenotypic screening : platform helps identify targets and clues for deciphering the mechanism of action of hits
  • Objectivation of natural extracts : After the characterization of the molecular content of a natural extract, the technology is offering solutions to decipher biological targets and subsequent applications
  • Off-targets responsible for toxicity : platform is used to generate an alert regarding newly identified biological targets linked to toxic events
  • Substitution of potential toxic compounds : in silico screening and profiling platform provides clues to choose a safer compound  with regard to an unwanted toxicity profile

3. Complete compound representation

The compound investigation is proposed through :

  • 3D representation of chemicals by visualization through an interactive user-friendly  interface
  • Hierarchical clustering to select promising subgroups inside a chemical dataset
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to retrieve information (experimental assessment, doses, toxicity threshold, associated targets, …) from scientific literature.

By characterizing chemicals more comprehensively, Harmonic Pharma provides additional pieces of a rationale for making decisions:

  • Visualization tools to help understand complexity
  • Classification of chemicals to detect beneficial features
  • Gathering data to expand knowledge and regulatory requirement regarding chemicals

Harmonic Pharma is part the Seqens’Lab ecosystem located near Paris (center of excellence for Research and Development) and Seqens has supported the development of Harmonic Pharma through a capital increase in 2017. The access to Harmonic Pharma’s technology broadens Seqens’ services offering to its customers.

Safety by design ® : a new approach to toxicological risk management

In October 2019, in partnership with the laboratory LORIA*, Harmonic Pharma, located in the startup area of Mines Nancy, started the Chemical Range ® program dedicated to toxicological risks. This dual innovation program for civil and military purposes embodies the Safety by design ® approach.