ApI :  Artificial Intelligence and simulation tool to accelerate API development.

Time to Market is a key parameter for our custom API and proprietary API development. To maximize the right first time KPI (Key performance indicator) several IT tools need to be leverage to select the best API synthesis route.

Seqens has dedicated a Specific team “Process Simulation team” with optimal skills and tools :

  • Skills : organic synthesis, process design, statistician, physico-chimist
  • IT tools :
    • Patent and Article survey software to identify in the literature the scientific background of a given molecule synthesis.  
    • AI supported predictive Retrosynthesis based on deep learning technologies : to pre-select a set of optimal synthesis routes
    • Thermodynamic and Kinetic software to anticipate potential process safety issues and to ease scale up

Using this methodology before the first study in the lab allow Seqens to optimize the timescale between Paper work, lab study, Pilot scale Up, Plant scale up and finally commercialization.

Our location

Address PCAS, ZI de Limay 2, 8 Rue de Rouen
78440 Porcheville
Phone +33 1 34 79 57 00
Market Pharmaceutical, Specialty Ingredients & Cosmetics
Email ContactSeqensPCV@seqens.com
More information

Surface: 40, 000 m²

Lab surface: 2, 000 m²


  • 6 kilo-labs
  • 2 cGMP pilot plants with 11 multipurpose reactors from 100 L to 2, 800 L (total capacity of 12 m³)
  • Temperature range: -15/+150°C  (hastelloy reactor: -80/+200°C)
  • 3 finishing rooms (agitated filter dryers, filters, dryers, milling and sieving equipments)

Flagship technologies:

  • Crystallization expertise and technologiesd(salt, co-crystal and polymorph screenings, process development)
  • Process Safety expertise and tecnologies
  • Flow chemistry for fine chemicals
  • Potent API process development
  • Genotoxic Impurities
  • Issue Management
  • Generic A.P.I Solid state expertise

Last inspection: ANSM  October 2018

Certification: GMP

Number of scientists: 110

Other: Ecosystem Pharma with integrated services