Further down the salicylic acid chain, Seqens EDS offers a comprehensive portfolio of Methyl Salicylate grades. Different phenol content ranges seeking one purpose: producing the most suitable active ingredient for the desired formulation.

GMP certified and food grade compliant, we manufacture Methyl Salicylate in France to ensure a sustainable supply with a large manufacturing capacity. We meet high quality standards with a low water content, Dimethyl sulfate process free & specific sensorial analyses, that makes our product the European Pharmacopeia reference.

Methyl salicylate is available in four grades to suit all your needs

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Business Line Salicylic acid & methyl salicylate
Market Pharmaceutical Synthesis
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  • 20 kt Salicylic ACid
  • 6 kt Methyl Salicilate

Last inspections:

  • ANSM, February 2018
  • FDA, June 2016
  • ISO, March 2018