SEQENS produces up to 75,000 L of hydroalcoholic gel and solutions per day. Traditionally reserved for hospital environment, use of hydroalcoholic solution is today strongly recommended to the general public for hand disinfection. It is one of the simple ways to protect oneself from COVID-19.

FROM 40 ML TO 1,000 L

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  • The standard delivery time is less than 15 days, it may vary according to the type of packaging and the quantity required.
  • We can organize the transport for you (the carrier must be approved for transport of dangerous goods).


  • As a major player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, the solutions we provide are produced and analyzed under the best conditions.
  • The formula complies with WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations for hand antisepsis against coronavirus.
  • The formula is authorized by the French decree of April 3, 2020.


Provision of automatic distribution terminals

  • Adaptable to high-traffic areas
  • Compatible with Naaha solutions and packagings
  • Ergonomic and customizable
  • Very easy to refill
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The CLEANPIX™ kit has been developed to answer the needs of numerous industries to evaluate the cleanliness of their surfaces and also to evaluate the efficiency of their cleaning procedures. It solves many drawbacks of the already known methods such as the necessity of costly equipment and highly skilled personnel. CLEANPIX™ is fast, giving response in a few hours in case of heavy contamination. It detects a wide range of microorganisms, from gram negative to gram positive bacteria to yeasts and molds. The swab is very convenient to collect samples on any surface, even difficult to access, whether it is plane or not. The size of the sampled surface can be adapted to the needs.

  • Surface hygiene control kit
  • Sold as a box: 30 tests per box
  • Advantages: Fast response time, no additional equipment or training required
  • Recommended uses: health establishments, transport, restaurants, food processing industries, hotels, etc.


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