Developing and respecting the Future

As a global player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, Seqens is committed to make sustainable development and corporate social responsibility a priority.

A dedicated organization manages a program structured around 12 commitments. These commitments are related to our social responsibility, our respect of environment and our economic performance.

These 12 commitments are clearly aligned with our CSR priorities:

  • Health & safety
  • Climate & environment
  • Eco-design
  • Shared development

Seqens Safety Charter and Sustainable Development Policy, in addition to its active adherence to the “United Nations Global Compact,” “Responsible Care,” “European Chemical Industries Charter (CEFIC and UIC), and the “French Fab,” underlines its willingness to engage in progress on an international scale.

Seqens 12 global commitments

Our commitments

At the operational level, all our entities implement QHSE management systems aiming for excellence. Our certifications (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, cGMP as relevant for each entity) demonstrate our strong willingness to comply with the most demanding international standards.
Based on these 12 commitments, key performance and progress indicators (KPIs) are monitored; associated action plans are designed by each entity and reviewed periodically with Management.

Qualitative objectives

Our active membership in the United Nations Global Compact and in the Responsible Care initiative worldwide, and a Global Charter created by the International Council of Chemical Associations, also demonstrate Seqens commitment to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Seqens managers are responsible for rolling out this policy among our employees and partners. They ensure compliance with procedures and working methods, such as Seqens golden rules, as described in Seqens’ management book.

Sustainable purchaising policy

The Seqens Group is committed to implementing responsible purchasing practices in accordance with its sustainable development policy.

Responsible Care, Global compact & Climate pledge