Seqens is committed to prevent any event that could adversely impact the community

Seqens is committed to prevent technological accidents, serious injuries, fatalities and pollution, as well as any event that could adversely impact the community or damage our property or reputation. To meet these commitments, we developed a risk-based approach.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) system relies on three pillars

  • Sharing of common values and reinforcement of the Group safety culture
  • A comprehensive and efficient EHS management system including process safety
  • Continuous development of internal competencies which are necessary to implement our improvements program

Seqens improvement plan

We focus our attention on prevention of exposure to potentially severe accidents. All our production sites are audited, inspected and visited on a regular basis. Findings are used to establish annual EHS actions plan. The improvement plans include but are not limited to:

  • Strengthening our safe work practices relating to contractor management, lockout/tagout, line breaking, confined space entries, hot work management, etc.
  • Conducting detailed process hazard analysis (HAZOP) to identify the risks of our operations and keep them at an acceptable level.
  • Applying best practices and using recognized engineering standards.

We are also committed to protecting our environment by meeting our legal obligations and continuously improving our environmental performance.

Significant projects were already completed to reduce VOC and greenhouse gas emissions, adequately treat waste water, and reduce water and energy consumption. We’ll keep on working to reduce our environmental impact.