Alganelle is an innovative biotechnology company specialized in the development and production of high added-value and natural molecules from microalgae, used as photosynthetic cell factories.


This compounds (metabolites (polysaccharides,…), green building blocks, proteins…) will be sold as ingredients to biomedical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
Drawing on its own microalgae platform and knowhow, Alganelle offers to its clients with raw materials of very high quality, safer and obtained from environmentally sustainable processes..
Alganelle’s biopolymers from non-animal origin will be used to manufacture products improving the quality of life and health..

Novacap’s partner, Alganelle, brings complementary biotechnology services by providing Contract Research Services to develop and manufacture a wide spectrum of high added value and natural molecules from microalgae.


Novacap supports the innovative startup Alganelle specialised in microalgae