Active care

Novacap offers a full range of FUNCTIONAL ingredients, with the highest quality and environmental standards, together with a very rich line of BOTANICAL active ingredients.
NATURE & BIOTECH COLLECTIONS comprises a range of botanical extracts and fully substantiated active ingredients




Star actives


  • Exposome
    • Cell’intact™: buckwheat extract that protects skin against oxydative assaults induced by pollution. 
    • Sens’flower: saffron flower extract that exerts a comprehensive action on corrections of discomforts pollution induced, via reinforcement of skin barrier, reduction of inflammation and modulation of neurosensory aspects. 
    • Osmo’city: Marshmallow extract that acts as a physical shield thanks to its high content in high molecular weight sugars. Prevents and corrects pollutant particles adhesion on the skin.

Latest launch


  • Well-aging
    • Evolu’age: Sourced in Asian longevity secrets, this getto extract enhances skin healthy aspect, rosy glow and refined skin texture thanks to skin structures connection boosting.


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