Supervisory Board

With 11 members, the Supervisory board is responsible for supervising and controlling the activity of the management board and the CEO. The Supervisory Board has implemented 3 specific committees :

  • The Audit committee helps board members fulfil their responsibilities in terms of producing and controlling financial information, risk management and external audits.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility committee: provides expertise and recommendations on Novacap CSR strategy and actions.
  • The Human Resources committee: responsible for assisting board members and advising them on the appointment and remuneration of Novacap’s key managers.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises 9 members and is chaired by Pierre Luzeau. Its mission is to steer the strategic roadmap defined with the Supervisory Board to meet the group’s improvement and development objectives.

  • Developing and protecting Novacap’s strategy, values and assets: its missions includes formulating and implementing the group’s strategic vision and objectives. The ExCo also steers the group’s business portfolio and is responsible for fulfilling the group’s value creation objectives.
  • Managing performance: within his/her scope, each of the ExCo members manages the performance of BU or Function leaders, allocating group-wide resources and governing the group’s activities.