For the 2nd consecutive year, Seqens Solvents & Phenol Specialties is committed to “L’Arche de la Vallée”.

L’Arche was founded by Jean Vanier in 1964 and brings together 35 communities in France. One of them is L’Arche de la Vallée, located near the Seqens Solvents & Phenol Specialties underground storage facility in Grand Serre.

Today, L’Arche de la Vallée welcomes 42 people with disabilities in one of the five homes in the region and participates in workshops in the day activities sector: green spaces, cooking, crafts, activities for the elderly… It is also under the same roof, a life shared between people with mental disabilities and the assistants who accompany them.

In 2018 our donation contributed to the expansion of “Le Foyer de l’Etincelle” and to the improvement of accessibility conditions for today’s people.

In 2019, our partnership will focus on the renovation of the heating system with the installation of an air-to-air heat pump in the “la Chaumière” shelter in Hauterives. This home welcomes 9 workers in ESAT (Establishment and Work Assistance Service) with mental disabilities, 2 educators and 2 volunteers in civic service.

By continuing this close partnership with the Arche de la Vallée, let us help to take a new look at disability and the most vulnerable…


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