In September 2019 occurred the SIXth edition of SEQENS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AWARDS CEREMONY

This event aims at awarding relevant projects regarding their sustainability impact.

Each year, the jury is established and chaired by Sophie Flak, President of Seqens Corporate Social Responsability Committee. The jury’s selection criteria relied on the 12 commitments defined in Seqens SD-CSR framework .

CSR-SD trophies participation shows a successful involvement of Seqens employees. For 6 years, around 200 projects were submitted with more than 20% of collaborators involved.

In six editions, (from 2014 to 2019) we succeed to consolidate savings through the achievement of the submitted projects.

This year the nominated projects were:


  • Custom Specialties – “Better Health at Work Award”
  • R&D – “Seqens’Lab, a brand new ecosystem”
  • Winner: Corporate – “Seqens’ Philanthropy action plan”


  • Essential Drug Substances – “Process safety progress”
  • Corporate – “LOTO Seqens Program”
  • Winner: Mineral Specialties – “Strenthening the safety culture of the Madeleine plant”


  • Custom Specialties – “Ethylhexylglycerin Chemoxycar range successful enlargement”
  • Advances Specialties – “KELICO BG- the first biodegradable Ca sulfonate grease  ”
  • Winner: Advances specialties – “Continous flow synthesis of DNPI”


  • Essential Drug Substances – “Solar panel roof top ”
  • Essential Drug Substances – “Corrosion reduction with energy savings ”
  • Winner: Essential Drug Substances – “Salty circular economy”


  • Solvent and Phenol Specialties – “IPA 70 – a 20% plant capacity increase”
  • Custom Specialties – “Oilfield Pour Point Depressant ”
  • Winner: CDMO – “Optimization of the Methimazole process”
  • Winner: CDMO – “TAZA Project – How to improve by 50% the reaction yield”

People’s choice Award

This year, Georges Képénékian, Lyon Deputy Mayor,  was present to award the people’s choice prize. And the winner was Advances Specialties with its project “KELICO BG- the first biodegradable Ca sulfonate grease  ”.


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