2018, A Year of Celebration in Biotechnology & Biocatalysis Areas

Protéus, an affiliate of Novacap Group, is a leader company in biotechnology in the area of industrial proteins. Its activities are at the heart of the actual rise in biotechnologies, in which we develop tailored enzymes or proteins for the production of compounds in Life Science, Chemistry or Food & Feed sectors. We allow to increase industrial processes competitiveness. We allow to increase industrial processes competitiveness, and leverage Novacap Group manufacturing capabilities to scale-up our processes.

On the 6th of September 2018, Protéus has celebrated its 20th Anniversary. We chose a prestigious location – the new museum of the Romanity, based in Nîmes, in order to set in the heart of the Event science and the current evolutions in biotechnology. An outstanding Scientist, Dr Huimin Zhao, Professor in chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and bio-engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the United States, gave us a conference on the different areas he has developed and succeeded with his teams. Dr Huimin Zhao is also the Founder of iBioFab ( : Illinois Biological Foundry for Advanced Biomanufacturing), it is a ‘living foundry’ with unique capabilities : the foundry allows automatized production and the analysis of synthetic biological systems with high efficiency and low costs.

Dr. Huimin Zhao is also considered as the “spiritual son” of the renowned American scientist: Dr. Frances Arnold. This remarkable scientist has just won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018. The Comity recognized her work in « enzymes directed evolution ». She was the first one to discover enzymes evolution technology. These enzymes are proteins produced by a micro-organism which catalyze (accelerate) chemical reactions. Thanks to this technology, the improved enzymes become powerful leverages in industrial competitiveness.

During our Day of Event, distinguished academics and industrial leaders, gave us the opportunity to discuss on the new bricks that are complementary and essential to the technology ecosystem, such as the power of bio-informatic tools, the knowledge and exploration of microbial ecology from our biodiversity, the evolution of synthetic biology towards novel reactional mechanisms that do not exist yet (xenobiology), and also about the CRISPR-Cas9 technology which is a molecular biology tool which allow to carry out very specific gene modifications. This tool has true industrial applications, others than in the medical area.

Protéus has also organized a round table on the industrial interest of biocatalysis. Industrial Leaders that are our clients, such as Givaudan, Lesaffre, Arkema, and our partner Atelier du Fruit, were there to witness that biocatalysis is an industrial reality and also a competitive solution in numerous fields such as chemistry, food & feed, aroma & perfumes.

During the introduction of Dr. Gérard Guillamot, the Scientific Director of Novacap, and also the one who initiated the alliance between Protéus and PCAS-Novacap, he specifically recalled that some of our medicines today would have not been on the market yet, if the biocatalytic solution had not been envisaged for their industrial productions (Singulair, Lipitor, Onglyza, Januvia…).

An obvious conclusion of the Day is that we are facing an extraordinary breakthrough in Biotechnologies and its industrial applications,  as already  illustrated by Protéus’ achievements.

Protéus is very confident on its Future and the outstanding potential that offer biotechnologies at the service of the Industry!