2017 Novacap Sustainable Development Trophies Awards Ceremony

Since 2014, Novacap organized CSR-SD Trophies at Group level. In September 2017 occurred the fourth edition in presence of all executive managers of the group. This event aims at awarding relevant projects regarding their sustainability impacts:

Projects were eligible in 5 categories: Safety, Social, Environment, Innovation and Economic. 3 projects are nominated and 1 winner were rewarded in each category

Each year jury is established and chaired by Sophie Flak, President of Novacap Corporate Social Responsability Committee. The jury seleciton criteria relied on the 12 commitments framework defined in Novacap SD Strategy.



moreover, “implementation criteria” were also considered:

  • Method used and implementation quality
  • Commitment of stakeholders and employees participation
  • Ability to be transposed within the Group
  • Clarity of the communication / documentation

CSR-SD trophies participation show a successful involvement of Novacap employees

  • In 2014, 37 projects were submitted by 260 employees involvement.
  • In 2015, 33 projects were submitted by 218 employees involvement.
  • In 2016, 37 projects were submitted by 255 employees involvement.
  • In 2017, 41 projects were submitted by 400 employees involvement.

In 4 editions, (from 2014 o 2017 ) we succeed to double the consolidated savings obtained through the achievement of the submitted projects .

This year the nominated were :

Social and Societal
Pharma & Cosmetics – Uetikon – Lahr – “Company Awareness Program for Young People”
Mineral Specialties – Novabion – Nogent l’Arthaud  – “Revamping and Renovation of a basis process control systhem cabinet by student’s team”
Winner : Corporate – Headquarters – Ecully – “New Headquarters and its better place to work”

Corporate – Headquarters – Ecully – “Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) process Implementation”
Pharma & Cosmetics – Puyuan – Zhenjiang – “Dehydration of sludge”
Winner : Performance Chemicals – Novapex – Roussillon – “Standardization of fluids pipes consigment process”

Corporate – Headquarters – Ecully – “PolycAPP’, a new digital application for a better marketing approach”
Mineral Specialties – Novacarb – Nancy – “Bicarbonate for Personal Care applications”
Winner : Performace Chemicals – Novapex – Roussillon – ” Tosca and its new catalyst for highest quality DIPE”

Mineral Specialties – Novacarb – Nancy- “Noise reduction plan for a better local community integration”
Mineral Specialties – Novabion – Nogent l’Arthaud – “New furnace treatment for drasctic dust emission reduction”
Winner : Mineral Specialties – Novabay – Singapore – “New greenfield Bicarbonate plant and its reduced environmental impact

Performance Chemicals – Novapex – Rousillon – ” Isopropanol alcool quality improvement for electronic market”
Pharma & Cosmetics – Puyuan – Zhenjiang –  “100% Methyl Salicylate first pass yield for Phenol content
Winner : Pharma & Cosmetics – Headquarters – Ecully – ” Standard Quality Documents for a better dialogue with Customers”